Corporations Law

Corporations Law

Law and the Manager

In this 2 to 3 day workshop, participants are introduced to potential legal problems in business today and strategies that can be employed in their managerial role to address such problems.

Topics include contracts, torts, intellectual property and employment law. Issues such as vicarious liability, confidential information, wrongful termination and sexual harassment are discussed.

A simulation exercise involving an alternative dispute resolution mediation is also conducted.  The course might also involve a scripted mock-court trial (with involvement from the participants) or other exercises.

Currently, this course is not a public seminar course.  Rather, it aims to provide staff of an organisation with a relevant and practical course tailored to the organisation's specific circumstances.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • identify the areas of law that are relevant to their industry and to their managerial function;
  • identify situations in which there is a risk of personal liability;
  • explain the essentials of the law of employment including:
    • the obligations of employees to their employers;
    • the obligations of employers to their employees;
    • the requirements of the anti-discrimination legislation; and
    • hiring and firing.
  • list the elements of a binding contract and the remedies for, or consequences of, a breach of contract;
  • identify conduct controlled by the Competition and Consumer Act and implement strategies to avoid liability under the Act;
  • explain their duties relating to confidential information obtained in the course of their employment;
  • demonstrate an awareness of the law relating to occupational health and safety and explain what it requires of the organisation and themselves as managers;
  • identify the law relating to protection of the environment and explain how this might impact upon the organisation and their own potential liability; and
  • explain the various means of dispute resolution.

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