Competition and Consumer Law

Competition and Consumer Law

Competition and Consumer Law/Act (tailored)

This half-day course assists businesses to:

  • identify conduct which is potentially anti-competitive, misleading, deceptive or unconscionable; and
  • implement strategies to avoid contravention of the Competition and Consumer Act.

The essential features of misleading and deceptive conduct, anti-competitive and unconscionable conduct are explained through presentation, group discussions, workshops and simulated tasks. 

Currently this course is not a public seminar course.  Rather, it aims to provide management and sales staff of an organisation with a relevant and practical course tailored to the organisation's specific circumstances.  

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • explain the sources of Australian law and the structure of the legal system;
  • distinguish between criminal and civil law and explain the civil penalty regime which applies to competition and consumer matters;
  • identify situations in which there is a risk of personal liability arising from competition and consumer;
  • identify conduct controlled by the Competition and Consumer Act and implement strategies to avoid breaches of the Act;
  • explain the essential features of anti-competitive conduct and how these features may arise during their employment; and
  • explain the essential features of misleading or deceptive conduct and identify potential exposure for the business.

What have people said about our Competition and Consumer training courses?

  • "The presenters succeeded in capturing and keeping the groups interest in the subject matter for the duration of the programme." Anonymous
  • "The presenters successfully addressed a very large topic in a short space of time.  Support materials were of high quality." Anonymous
  • "Presenters were very coherent, used examples to illustrate content, role play was excellent." Anonymous
  • "Engaging presentations, opportunities to discuss ideas and understanding with groups." Anonymous
  • "Role play - made what could become a dry topic interesting and funny." Anonymous
  • "What I particularly liked about the course are the very  enthusiastic presenters who covered the Trade Practice very well."(course participant, 11th February 2010)
  • "The course is very interactive, structured, informative, challenging, and complex information was explained/broken down well; good use of examples. It will be my Trade Practice Bible, Overall the course is very engaging and enjoyable, and I felt that my Trade Practice knowledge was comprehensively refreshed. After attending this course, I feel a lot more confident about my new position."(Pravin Menon)
  • The programme has great variety in teaching style from role-plays to workshops to presentation slides and also great entertainment in between J. This program will definitely assist me in my work, even though I came across it before, and I have learned a lot. Great job Naomi and Tim! Thank you very much. (course Participant, 11th February 2010)
  • "The course had excellent presentation, an opportunity for engagement and interaction, and participation kept the content interesting. The role play was excellent." (course Participant 11th February 2010)
  • "The course was well presented – and what I liked particularly was the balance of interactive and non interactive sections.  Ialso enjoyed the group work and role play."(course Participant,11th February 2010)
  • "An excellent program, in depth and avoided getting bogged down in technical jargons."(Joel Temperly).
  • "The programme’s content was well presented and substantiated in a varied an engaging way."( Kevin Finchan)
  • "What I particularly liked about the programme was Tim’s presentation skills, they were excellent and engaging. Thanks!" (Warren).
  • "Programme was very interactive and practical. Also it was very specific to the work that we will be doing, it gave a complete overview. The course was really useful and accessible Thanks!" (course participant.,11th February 2010).
  • "The programme was broken down very well, which made it easier to understand, and group activities was an added advantage. Overall the  course was excellent."(course participant, 11th February 2010).
  • "The one thing I liked about the program was, a lot of material was covered in relatively short time."(course participant,11th February 2010).
  • "What I liked about the program was its interactivity, personable presenter, good courage. Program will assist in my work as a useful refresher course."(course participant, 11th February 2010).
  • Aspects that I liked about the program:
    • Tim was excellent.
    • Very interactive.
    • Problem solving format is engaging. (course participant,11th February 2010).

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