Hannah MacPherson

About Me

Hannah is currently completing her Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at Monash University.  She joined the Holley Nethercote team in 2016 as a clerk and looks forward to learning more about commercial law.

At a Glance

Summary My Details
Key areas of expertise:
  • Hannah has developed strong research skills through her studies and places of work.
  • Her extracurricular activities and leadership positions have provided her with great organisational skills and an ability to work well in teams.
Career achievements: 
  • Leadership roles at school, university and places of work.
  • Spending a year volunteering and travelling with a charity based in the UK.
  • Currently completing Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at Monash University.
Future aspirations:
  • Completing her studies and pursuing a career in law through which she can help others.
Interests outside of work: 
  • Hannah loves to spend time with people and particularly enjoys going for spontaneous meals, coffee, road trips and other outings with friends.  She loves to travel and regularly goes to the UK to see family.  She is also very passionate about social justice and has spent a lot of time volunteering with a variety of charities.
Favourite quote:  “Love is the motive, but justice is the instrument.” - Reinhold Niebuhr
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